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Serving the Greater Milwaukee, WI​​​

Metropolitan Area since 1986​​​


A True Story

January 4th, 2005 a police officer named David Flory brings his 2 1/2-year-old, 175 lb. St. Bernard, Tank, and his 3-month-old Great Dane, Ava, in for training.  Dave informs me that he has read my website and found it quite unbelievable where it boasts that I can train a dog within 20 minutes to sit still while toy sponge balls are bouncing off of its head.  In fact, he told me that if it were not for the fact that he was referred to me by another police officer, Sean Hanley, he would not have even bothered to call me.  My claim was too unreal.  
"Time me,"  I said.
"What?" He asked.
I said.  "Look at your watch and time me."
He did.
I informed him that I was going to take my time; which I did.
When the 6th ball bounced off of his gangly Great Dane puppy without it flinching, I asked him to tell me how long it took.
He replied.  "One minute and 25 seconds."
To this, I responded, "Now just think if I would have written that in the website."
Dog training is not difficult nor is it meant to be difficult.  If you know how to do it, it is easy, gentle, fun, and rewarding.  Dog training is not a secret.  It is a science-based off of "Canine Sociology."  It is perfect, true, and foolproof.  Our job is to share the 10,000 plus dog study and knowledge that we have gained over the past three decades with our customers so that they too can understand what makes the dog whisperer the dog whisperer.  It is not psychic or mystical.  It is science.  Proven science that ALWAYS works and cannot be refuted.  A science that makes the ownership of a dog and the life of that dog more rewarding and enjoyable.

Let us teach you.  Give us one minute and 25 seconds and you too will understand. 


"Dog's Best Friend helped us train our rescue Belgian Malinois that came from an abusive background.  Their methods are gentle, humane, and effective.  They are incredible dog trainers.  Unlike other facilities, they have many methods and don't teach 10 dogs the same thing at once in a 'one size fits all' session.  They do guarantee their training methods.  Our dog went from cowering to jumping through hula hoops and climbing ladders to extremely impressive obedience."

​Michelle & Sean Hanley
(As appears on Angie's List)

"Dog's Best Friend is absolutely amazing.  Before choosing this program, we sat in on other classes (all the big names in SE WI).  Dog's Best Friend was hands down the best trainers and their program was the most thorough and in depth.  They taught us how to train our dog and had us practice in class with other dogs around.  They mix the classes so you get to see advanced dogs along with puppies.  They let you see what your dog can become and where you came from.  Because of that we got to see them in action in every type of situation from aggressive dogs, to overly friendly, to lazy.  Their honest, straightforward, real-world advise and knowledge is unsurpassed.  Not only that, but they have a way with dogs that I've never seen before (and I've been around animals my whole life).  They have several programs to choose from.  I can't say enough good things about them and their skills."

Tammy Linstedt
​ (As appears on Angie's List)


Many times a client will ask for References.  Dog's Best Friend allows potential clientele the opportunity to see how frequent our business is rewarded simply through word of mouth.  Numbers cannot tell a lie.  We want everyone to see how often sheer satisfaction by one customer has led to the sign up and satisfaction of another customer.  (Note: This section does not include any of the references that were given in the 1980s or 1990s.  We did not start logging references until after 2002 and we stopped adding references to this page in 2008)  WOW!!!
Elm Brook Vet for Pam Rische
Elm Brook Vet for Julie Donnell
Elm Brook Vet for Susan Kremel
Elm Brook Vet for Sue Brotherhood
Elm Brook Vet for Raymond Brown
Elm Brook Ver for Chris
Elm Brook Vet for Carol Korsmo
Elm Brook Vet for Patti Parker
Elm Brook Vet for Kristin Lampasona
Elm Brook Vet for Nancy Hoffman
Elm Brook Vet for Tony
Elm Brook for Renee Lowers
Elm Brook Vet for Alyssa Dimiceli
Elm Brook Vet for Jeannie Voto
Elm Brook Vet Clinic for Deanne Haskins
Elizabeth Eng for Shelley Stewart
Chrissy Ermisch for Shannon Friedbacher
Jeanne Ezzell for self x2 "Louie"
Terry Evans for self x 2 "Diamond"
Family Pet Center for Zach Munoz
Family Pet Center for Adam Wanasek
Gary Feldman for Moira Kraft
Gary Feldman for David Arnstein
Gary Feldman for Lee Feldman
Gary Feldman for Dennis Korjenek
Dennis and Linda Felician for Lisa Benitez
Fetch Magazine for Tom Kelnhofer
Nancy Flatley for self "Dexter"
Dave Florey for Lorna Markowski
Karen Flory for self "Titan"
Megan Formolo for Jennifer Jewson
Jennifer Foster for Self x2 "Miles"
Jen Foster for Fred Tomko
Jen Foster for Carrie Drewa
Jen Foster for Alan Maro
Jennifer Foster for Keith Radtke
Franklin Veterinary Clinic for Dan Zalewski
Franklin Vet Clinic for Ken Ewaskowitz
Franklin Vet Clinic for Cindy Staples
Franklin Vet Clinic for Michelle Randazzo
Franklin Vet for Mike Sanfelippo
Franklin Vet for Melissa Olivo
Franklin Vet for Kimberly Bordwine
Franklin Vet for Tammy Awe
Franklin Vet for Kari Puetz
Franklin Vet for Denise Rassmussen
Franklin Vet for Gary Mordeszewski
Franklin Vet for Leanne Deptula "Rocco"
Franklin Vet for Leanne Deptula "Gypsey"
Franklin Vet for Rick Bower
Franklin Vet for Krist Remmington
Franklin Vet for Paul Lalumondier
Franklin Vet for David Stratton
Franklin Vet for Bob Kaschak
Franklin Vet for Brent Wolff
Franklin Vet for Annie Hubartt
Tina Froh for Self x2 "Bella"
Kim Fryjoff for Self x2
Fuch for Self x2
Adrianne Funk for Christine Scott
Derrick Funk for self "Mila"
Derrick Funk for Elizabeth Callan
Wendy Gaar for Stephanie
Rick Gawronski for self x2 "Abby"
Russ Garstecki for Lynn Strey
Neal Gehlings for self "Amee"
Gentle Care Animal Hospital for Amy Antonson
Frank Gervais for Kevin Boerschinger
Amy Geske for Frank Lavora
Amy Geske for self "Lily"
GG's Pet Bungalow for Jerry Alexander
Gigure for self x 2 "Budge"
Pam Giordano for self
David Glazer for Jeanelle Memmel
Troy Goede for Self x2 "Bud"
Troy Goede for Bridget Goede
Jody and Dave Goglio for Tom Labisch
Dave Goglio for self x2 "Jess"
Going to the Dogs for Brian Eastman
Going to the Dogs for Ken Kelnhofer
Vicki Golla for Linda Kachelski
Tony Goodenough for Gina

Tony Goodenough for Michelle Ladwig
Carol Goodfellow for self x2 "Lady"
Vicky Goodwell for Dawn Spence
Becky Goral for Dedra Wells
Tanya Gordeau for Melody Berlin
Katie Graebner for Gary Johnson
Katie Graebner for self x2 "Lila"
Janet Grant for Frank Lavora
Shanon Grant for Pam Miller
Jennifer Granholm for self "Layla"
Greendale Vet Clinic for Bill Gray
Greenfield Vet for Tom Lynn
Robin Growth for self x2 "Ranger"
Robin Growth for Beth Martens
Diane Grusczynski for Adam Rick
Lynn Grzechowiak for self x 2 "Diamond"
Dr. Bob Guntar for Chad Konow
Hales Corners Veterinary Clinic for Jasmine Kavalary
Hales Corners Vet for Esther Dukacek
Hales Corners Vet for Debi Mitchell
Hales Corners Vet for Sheldon Lenz
Hales Corners Vet for Laura Evica
Hales Corners Vet for Donna Winiarski
Hales Corners Vet for Stephanie Scott
Hales Corners Vet for Matt Baudo
Hales Tails Pet Store for Heidi Honthaner
Diane Hallam for Tim Plewa
Sean Hanley for Dave Flory "Tank"
Sean Hanley for Dave Flory "Ava"
Sean Hanley for Willie Murphy
Sean Hanley for Paul Helminiak
Sean Hanley for Kathryn Cahill "Guiness"
Sean Hanley for self x2 "Molly"
Sean Hanley for Delwar Williams
Nancy Haus for Stacy Madeus
HAWS for Ann Rhodes
Kim Hecker for Jan Livingston
Kim Hecker for Brett Putny
Kim Hecker for Susan Nolan
Bob Heil for Janice Udovich
Paul Helminiak for Tim Cmeyla
Paul Helminiak for Bob Lemanczyk
Paul Helminiak for Rebecca Koch
Paul Helminiak for Kathryn Cahill "Newmann"
Gabe and Michelle Heppers for Rob Lindau
Peter Henry for Gretchen Henry
Pat Hoffert for Jason Dorow
Jeri Hokenfeldt for Self x2 "Henry"
Jo Ann Holubowicz for Susan Billinger
Amanda Houle for self x2 "Roxanne"
Kathy Hron for Nicole Ali
Don Huber for self "Riley"
Carol Hudson for Ruth Messnick
Jessica Huven for self "Ramsey"
Dr. Ivan Ireland for Jean Blockowicz
Dr. Ireland for Claire Cucinello
Barbara Jackson for Bernie Migacz
Lauri Jacob for Angie Buck
Carrie Jacobson for Cheryl Shanovich
Tom Jagailski for John Stroinski
Dr. Jaggerman for Steva Hoffert
Dr. Steven Jaggerman for Laurie Llanas
Dr. Jaggerman for Reference
Dr. Jaggerman for Reference
Sandy Jahns for Roy Shultz
Jerry Janesko for Self x2
Jerry Janesko for Alison Pasky
Michelle Janich for Josh Tice
Michell Janich for Debi Paradowski
Lisa Janzen for Elsa Natynski
Lisa Jansen for self x2 "Abby"
Lisa Jansen for self "Charlie"
Nancy Jasunas for Mary Pfaff
Becca Jaworski for Chris Brunson
Barbara Johnson for Berne Migacz
Brad Johnson for Chris Dorn
Gary Johnson for John Sant
Jen Johnson for Annemarie Domurat
Judy Johnson for Ann Cochran
Kevin Johnson for Laurie Bystrek
Helen Joston for Corey Green
Helen Josten for Self "Nala" x2
Helen Josston for Jackie Moore
Denise Kaczmarek for Self x2 "Cedar"
Denise Kaczmarek for self "Autumn"
Brian Kaebisch for Mary Hemple
Wendy Kager for Eddie Fuenmayor
Mary Kanitchkan for Craig Wilharm
Cindee Kastner for Tammy Supan
Cindee Kastner for Jack Decaire
Maryann Keene for Neil Radtke
Ann Keithan for Jaimie Orzech
Shane Kelbel for Frank Kelbel
Iris Kern for Neal Gellings
Michelle Kerwin for Lisa Laughlin
Michelle and Brian Kerwin for Josie Castro
Robin Kibler for Chris Antonicci
Sue King for Michael Bautz
Sue King for Greg Herring
Martin King for Self x2
Stephanie King for self x2 "Fat Lenny"
Peter Kirsch for Corey Young
Wes Kitto for Self x 4 "Reno" & "Dewey"
Jeff Klien for Aaron Quam
James Klien for Ryan Payne
Jody Klinghammer for self "Blue"
Nancy Klozdek for Rose Meagher
Connie Knoll for Greg Semrow
Frank Knoll for Frieda Payne
Matthew and Larrissa Knorr for Scott Tuszkiwicz
Kristine Knutson for self "Fin"
Laura Koch for Becky Sheahn
Rebecca Koch for Maureen Seiden
Mary Kochanski for self "Murphy"
Mary Kochanski for Sara Kochanski
Sara Kochanski for Kris Koutalis
Mary Kolber for Marilyn Matter
Nick Komp for Stefani Jaksic
Keith Kostuch for Mary Kostuch
Davin Koukannen for Mark Sexton
Amber Kowalski for Pat Pfaller
Amber Kowalski for Self x2 "Forest"
Amber Kowalski for Glenn Drutowski
Amber Kowalski for David Mc Cormick
Amber Kowalski for Mary Mc Carron
Amber Kowalski for Rev. Henry Meus
Amber Kowalski for Heidi Brzezinski
Amber Kowalski for JoAnn Holubowicz
Amber Kowalski for Jeff Wystedt
Amber Kowalski for Brian Johns
Amber Kowalski for Bruce Wisniewski
Amber Kowalski for Kurt Lacina
Amber Kowalski for Dr. Quentin Mattern
Amber Kowalski for Janet Mohrhusen
Sheila Kowtrly for Liz Thometz
Kelly Kraemer for Self x2
Kelly Kraemer for Maureen Vanderhoof
Kelly Kraemer for Paul Dilallo
Patti Kratt for Self x2
Patti Kratt for Kris Ferreira
Kris Krill for Laurie Lex
Bill Krisoshein for self "Bama"
Barbara Krueger for self "Brigitta"
Dave Krueger for Jan Foster
Julie Krueger for self x2 "Brewski"
Julie Krueger for Jen Slye
Jeff & Julie Kruse for self x 2 "Bently"
Susan Kruse for self x2 "Belle"
Mary Kusik for Kathy Kusik
Bill Kusmierez for self "Peeve"
Kevin Kusnick for Jamie Schmidt
Tom Labisch for Bev Beyer
Tom Lachacz for Gary Marciniak
Kurt Lacina for Todd Puetz
Kurt Lacina for self "Bear"
Ed & Shelly Ladwig for Wayne Jelinski
Tim La Golden for Sharon McGinnis
Robert Langhoff for self x2
Melissa Larson for Robin Bruhn
Joan Lauber for Anita Boche
Laurie Layman for Theresa Mahoney
Pete Lazniak for Chris Muench
Mike Leach for Cheryl Stevenson
Mike Leach for Daniel Fatla
Chris Lecke for Tim Mc Cue
Jhousy Leon for self x2 "Mia"
Jhousy Leon for Suzanne Roever
Chad Lehman for self "Gabby"
Chad Lehman for self "Gabby"
John Lehnen for Beth Larson
John Lehnen for Kina Noppen
Jean Leinberger for self "Chopper"
Jason Lemke for Ann Kneser
Kristin Lemke for Robin Rozman
Steve Lesniewski for Marie Lewandowski
Arnie Leunders for self "CoCo"

Marilyn Spencer for Joan Mahr
Marilyn Spencer for Sheryl Ewig
Marilyn Spencer for Frederick "Josie"
Pilar Sperenza for self "Leroy"
Pilar Speranza for Jorge Speranza
Dr. Jill Sperry for Dan Perkins
Dr. Sperry for Gary Klippel ("Linus")
Dr. Sperry for Gary Klippel ("Chief")
Dr. Sperry for Steve Akin
Dr. Sperry for Diane Sazama
Dr. Sperry for Lois Maurer
Dr. Sperry for Brett Black
Spirit of 76 Vet Clinic for Jaime Burkard
Sp of 76 for Shiela Applegate
Spirit of 76 for Francisca Krause
Spirit of 76 for Kevin Harriott
Spirit of 76 for John Fratrick
Spirit of 76 for Wayne
Spirit of 76 for Todd Wachowiak
Spirit of 76 for Sue Maass
Spirit of 76 for Michelle Stobbe
Spirit of 76 for Debby Bachmeier
Spirit of 76 for Sharon Cordoba
Susan Staebel for self x2 "Herbie
Janay Stafford for self x 2 "Dori"
Rachael Stanley for Nancy Jasunas
Cindy Staples for Nikki
Sally Stapleton for Linda Westermann
Sally Stapleton for Self
State Street Dog & Cat Hospital for Connie Knoll
L. Stell for Amanda Knipple
Meghana Stepek for Linda Taczala
John & Stacy
Sterafino for Brian Schaff
Earnest Stewart for Self x2 "Pebbles"
Mary Stewart for self
Michael Strand for Jaime Weileder
Karen Strankowski for self "Mickey" x2
Patti Sumner for self x2 "Pogo"
Patti Sumner for Stuart Stardy
Patti Sumner for Nancy
Bret Tarnowski for self "Suki"
Penny Taylor for Carrie Downes
Penny Taylor for Sheila Kowtrly
Joan Terry for Josh Thao
Judy Thompson for Bridgette Cassidy
Dr. Thomas DVM for Mike Dresen
Tomzak for Jennifer Elgin
Annemarie Tomurat for self "Remington"
Debbie Trad for just about every dog that goes to Franklin Vet /// 2 FREE UPGRADES!!!
Debbie Trad for Dorthy Martin
Debbie Trad for Joann Schmitt "Chloe"
Debbie Trad for Joann Schmitt "Freckles"
Deb Trad for Serafin Vega
Debbie Trad for David Simley
Debbie Trad for Dan Nycz
Debbie Trad for Eric Steele
Deb Trad for Kim Hranicka
Debbie Trad for Lee Anger "Erwin"
Deb Trad for Lee Anger "Hazel"
Deb Trad for Mike Mansfield
Deb Trad for Patricia Deal
Deb Trad for Christina Moreno
Deb Trad for Dan Zalewski
Deb Trad for Marilyn Spencer
Deb Trad for Leanne Kutz
Deb Trad for KenEwaskowicz
Deb Trad for Michael Spidell
Deb Trad for Joann Struwe
Deb Trad for Cyndi Shekowski
Deb Trad for Marilyn Spencer
Deb Trad for Steve Sharratt
Deb Trad for Ken Bober
Deb Trad for Suzie Mrenda
Deb Trad for Mary Premetz
Deb Trad for Jennifer Cox
Debbie Trapp for Ryan Trapp
Ryan Trapp for Tom Jansen
Richard Treffert for Lisa Hunt
Becky Trere (Semanski) for Heather Frommell
Trish Truax for Self x2
Trish Truax for Mike Martin
Ron Urbanick for self x 2 "Belle"
Jeff Van Ess for self x2 "Cooper"
Steve Vanderboom for Karen Molenda
Sue Vanderboom for Joe Juneau
Mike Van Oukerk for self x2 "Tobin"
Rachell Vanslett for Bridgett Lawler
Sarah Vasalowskus for Kerri Tarnowski
Paul Vento for RickMatiszak
Wag Fest for Nicole Baird
Jenny Wagner for Sandy Schindel
SuzanneWaisma for self "Daisy"
Grant Waldon for John Kannegiesser
Sara Walker for Self
Linda Warner for Natalie Rodriguez
Linda Warpechowski for Robert Szablewsi
Linda Warpechowski for Mary Passow
Wash My Dog for Nancy High
Washington Park Bark Days for Linda Lange
Waukesha Animal Hospital for Karen Polinske "Joy"
Waukesha Animal Hospital for Karen Polinske "Cole"
Waukesha Freeman for Becky Nelson
Wauwatosa Vet Clinic for Rosanne Norwood
Wauwatosa Vet for Kate Clark
Tony Wcislo for Andrew Wcislo
Willie Weaver for Derrick Cornelius
Willie Weaver for Tim Heidtke
Chris Weber for Denise Stone
Chris Weber for just about everybody at the Dog Park /// FREE UPGRADE!!!
Chris Weber for Mike Taylor
Cecilia Weber for Victoria Rakowski
Sandy Weed for RobynKrajcek
Jamie Weileder for BettySandsers
Sara Weiler for Sue Vang
Sara Weiler for Sara Shaw
Sara Weiler for Debra Wahington
Sara Weiler for Joyce Johnson
Sara Weiler for Mary Movessian
Sara Weiler for JoAnne Christensen
Sara Weiler for Don Barham
Sara Weiler for Mary Mueller
Sara Weiller for Elizabeth Fidler
Sara Weiler for Carolanne Pemper
Diane Weisse for Jacqueline Brookes
Stacy Wendt for Jarell Taylor
Stacy Wendt for self "Willy"
Lisa Wesley for Tammy Rose
West Allis An Hospital for Elaine Schubert
West Allis Animal Hosp for John Minturn
West Allis An Hosp for Dan Amundson
West Allis Animal Hospital for Maz Neuman
West Allis Animal Hospital for Marge Keske
West Allis Animal Hospital for Charmain Adrian
West Allis Animal Hospital for Elizabeth Niklewicz
West Allis Animal Hospital for Mike Breetenfeldt
West Allis
AnimalHopsital for Amanda Hansen
West Allis Animal Hospital for Amber Sarah
West Allis Animal Hospital for LaurieBuchkolz
West Allis Animal Hospital for Max Neuman
West Allis Animal Hospital for Danielle Lillback
West Allis Vet for Dawn Prokop
West Allis Vet Clinic (Dr. Grewall) for KathyFreidmund
West Burleigh Animal Hosp for Bridget Jamieson
West Burleigh Animal Hospital for Heidi Zimmer
West Burleigh Animal Hospital for Bobbie Sherrod
WestBurliegh Animal Hospital for Pamela King
Steve Wickman for LynneLevihn
Diane Wiesse for Jacqueline Brookes
Erik Wilder for Karen Wajer
Katie Wilke for Maggie Funk
Kathleen Will for Kris Schramkowski
Matt Williamson for self x2 "Oreo"
Matt Williamson for Kathy Posler
Sandy Winard for Sarah Hartwig
Wisconsin Garden & Pet for Cid Rollefson
Wisconsin Garden & Pet for Ronnie Cone
Wisconsin Garden & Pet for Kathleen Dunn
Wisconsin Garden and Pet for self Tom Gerlach OWNER
Wisconsin Garden and Pet for Rick Robbins
Wisconsin Garden and Pet for Ryan Lettau
Wisconsin Garden and Pet for Sarah Stoecker
Wisconsin Garden and Pet for DianeMcCollion
Wisconsin Garden and Pet for Carolyn Rehberger
Wisconsin Garden and Pet for Cate Spahr
Wisconsin Garden and Pet for Brian Petrick
HumaneSociey for
Stepphanie Vella
Chris Witkowski for Chad Schieffer
Amy Witte for Kristi Hostutler
Beth Wittman for Dale Hatem
Beth Wittman for Ellen Lasley
MaryWojtewicz for John Stefanik
Zoe Wolf for Janet Friestad
Brett Wolfe for David Draeger
Monique Woodard for self x2 "Nibbles"
Joan Wroblewski for self "Dozer"
Debbie Wuhrl for Chris Ritter
Roberta Yaccarino for Mike Evert
Roberta Yaccarino for Paul Stroncek
John Yaeger for Jean-Marie Dziekan
John Yaeger for Sandy Safer
Jessica Yanke for Self x2
Coleman Young for Willie Weaver
Kelly Young for Capri-Mara Fillmore
Lance Young for Nicole McNulty
Lance Young for Nick Komp
Wendi Zagorski for self "Darla"
Don Zalewski for Sally Biedenbender
Joseph Zalewski for self x2 "Sheba"
WayneZanecek for Bob Pinzer
MargeZaratii for Jeff Schultz
Betty Zarr for self x2
Debbie Zawicki for Diane Heikkinen
Dr. Zeske for Monica Scholl
Tanya Zinger for Elena Gladkovtsen
Marco Zoccoli for self x2 "Daisy"
Cheryl Zywicki for Robert Jahnke
Cheryl Zywicki for self x2 "Bailey"

Bonnie ??? for Victor Hernandez
Claudia & Kevin ? for Laurie Bystrek
Gayle ? for Breahn Quigley
Heather & Troy ? with Mojo for Kyle Witte
A Hairdresser??? for Cheri Alt
??? for David Allen
??? for Kevin Sczesny
??? for Shanon Grant
??? for Cara Gaitens
??? for Chris Martin
??? for Saul Hernandez
Luke and Beth ??? for Jim Kelly
Charmaign for Todd Cormican
Vikki and Erik for Joyce Nowak
??? for Dale Klien
Melanie ??? for Aaron Westfahl
Pet Store??? for Bruce Wisnewski
??? for Michele Fialkowski
??? for Carrie Anderson
??? for Kelly Warwick
??? for NealGehlings
Jeff ??? for Frank Gervais
Nicole ??? Pets 'N' Things for Amber Beckwith
??? Pet Store for Janet Mohrhusen
Debbie ? for Chris Vanseth
??? for Amy Platta
??? for Craig Feucht
Tony??? for LitthyKingsawan
??? for Tom Weber
??? "Willie" for Tim Heidtke
Chris or Kim for Angie Brandt
??? for Cindy Wagner
??? for Andrew James
??? for Adam Schwarzmeier
??? for Mary Selig
??? for Nancy Turtenwald
??? for Kelley Mahoney
??? Police Officer for Charlene Wetzel
??? for Marty Dooley
??? for Katy Golden
??? for Chris Conto
??? for Kelly Andrews
Sharon ??? for Randy Mavroff
Kathy ??? for Cathy Mueller
??? for Dan Szerbowski
??? for Melanie Holder
Michael ??? for Michael Morelli

Stacy ??? for Pam Weyer
??? for Merina Cavins
Andre ??? for Louise Newbury
Tony ??? for Jan Rice
??? for Lauren Krajewski
Amber for Tammy Starr
??? for Joe Stritcklo

Advanced Vet Clinic for Tiffany Cobb
AKC Dog Show for Ay Brown
Marisella Alazar for Jennie Kanters
Ron Allensdorf for Laurie Buccholz
Alta View Vet Clinic for Mary Ann Kemp
American Vet Clinic for Tom Perszyk
American Vet Clinic for Jill Rucha
Amer Vet Clinic for Angela Shell
American Vet Clinic for Dave Gradinjan
Dan Amundson for Linda Marusic
Al and Brenda Anderson for Sue Hammond
Joel Anderson for Vince Muehlbauer
Carrie Anderson for self "Shelby"
Tanya Anderson for Jarvis Racine
Tracy Anderson for Jenny Bucholz
Tracy Anderson for Betsy Duxbury
Tracy Anderson for self x 2
Michael Angoli for Mark Farrow
Angie's List for Russ Gonnering "Ceilidhi"
Angie's List for Russ Gonnering "Gordie"
Angie's List for Terri Buss
Angie's List for Eva Hoppe
Angie's List for Diane Weber
Angie's List for Annette Owen
Angie's List for Nancy Struebner
Angie's List for Nancy Adams
Animal Care Hospital for Mary Thompson
William Appazeller for David Paprocki
William Appazeller for self x 2 "Xian"
Lisa Ariens for Self x2 "Oliver"
David Armetz for Dee Blatt
Lisa Armitage for Susan Laudon
Erica Aungst x2 for 2nd Dog ("Regal")
Erica Aungst for 3rd Dog ("Diablo")
Erica Aungst x2 for Self "Uno"
Erica Aungst for self "Paris"
Christine Bachelmeier for Liz Kirsch
Tim Bachleitner for Richard Dorenbos
David Bainer x2 for self
Heidi Bankenbush for J. Guili
Matt Baran for Aliza Baran
Dale Barbeau for self "Ottis"
Marita Barczenski
Bark & Scratch for Barbara Cantanelli
Gina Bartel for Rodney Meyer
Dan Baumen for Armando Talavern for
Jim Baumann for self x2 "Zoe"
Bay Shore Vet Clinic for Amanda Houle
Kelly Beauparland for self x2 "Bentley"
Robyn Bechler for Jill Czebotan
Amber Beckwith for Carlos Galavis
Amber Beckwith for self x2 "Zoe"
Sue Bendanz for Kathleen Qwillern "Chase"
Sue Bendanz for Kathleen Qwillern "Run"
Julie Benedict for Joan Bergwell
Nikki Benson x2 for Self
Debbie Berget for Chrisone Rynes
Amy Berry for Heather Montpas
David Berther for Self x2
David Berther for self "Ellie"
Dave Bertha for Darlene Sayler
Doug Berther for Tom Becker
Doug Berther for Julie Berther
Julie Bertha for Doug Dzierzak
Rachael Berzychi for self x 2 "Chester"
Kelly Beuth for Self x2 "Taz"
Kelly Beuth for Angela Summers
Kelly Beuth for self "Gunner"
Bev Beyer for Ann Cherone
Kathy Biehl for Carol Glaeser
Kathy Biehl for Matt Michaelis
Yael Blatt for self "Daisy"
Ben Bishop for self "Twende"
Bluemound Animal Hospital for Vince Murphy
Bluemound Animal Hospital for Joyce Keene
Bluemound Animal Hospital for Ricky Wiegand
Bluemound Animal Hospital for Cindy Kimball
Clark Boerschinger for Mchelle Emanuelle
Kevin Boerschinger for Clark Boershinger
John Bohalcher for Elizabeth Eng
Wendy Boheim for Self x2
John Bokenchek for Melissa Grow
Kim Bordwine for Mike Murphy
Kim Bordwine for Sara Vasilaiskas
Don Borkowshi for self x2 "Kaiser"
Boryznowski for Colleen Swan
Sarah Bouche for Self "Jada"
The Bow Wow Club for Lynn Grzechowiak
Jodi Bowers for Self x 2 "Angel"
Juliet Boyle for Brian Leister
Louise Boyle for David Crosby
Milo Bozovic for Mia Bozovic x 2 "Beamer" & "Mercedes"
Cynthia Bradbury & Travis Bradbury for Judy Muloch
Travis Bradbury for E. Miklasch
Travis Bradbury for Joe Myers
Erik Brandt for Arlene Canning
Pat Brefka for self x2 "Charlie"
Brentwood for Jodi Smith
Russ Brethauer for Judy Roznik
Dawn Brimeyer for self x2 "Wilson"
Brookfield Chamber of Commerce for Amy Brown
Brookfield Chamber of Commerce for Jamie Durner
Brookfield Chamber of Commerce for Elyse Froechte
Jennifer Brown for Erica Case
Sherri Brushafer for Tiffany Mcatee
Rachel Brzychi for Tom Banholzer
Leslie Bubolz for Debra Gross
Tim Burch for self "Gorgan"
Jaime Burkard for Sunshine Erickson
Jaime Burkard for Mary Wachowski
Jaime Burkard for Nicole Mecus
Jaime Burkard for Margurite Hotz
Jaime Burkard for Gina Nordrum
Butler Animal Hospital for Cherie Stelter
Jeff Butzlaff for self x 2 "Ozzy"
L. Bystrek for Kim Larson
L. Bystrek for Kim Eigner
Calhoun Clippers for Christina Gerosa
Calhoun Clippers for Bedros Ohanian
Andre Callender for self x2 "Fletcher"
Tony Capla for Laura Fromback
Tony Capla for Edward Guyton
Care Animal Hospital for Peggy MaGill
Care Animal Hospital for Megan Sliwinski
Brondon Carter for Carl Hady
Joe Carufel for Cari Dillig
Michelle Carman for Mary Wendt
Erika Chaw for Rose Locander
Colleen Carmichael for Sarah Schoenicke
Colleen Carmichael for Mark Schoenicke
Colleen Carmichael for Gary Broneki
Lisa Carroll for Christine Moore
Wendy Casper for Jennifer Baer
Center For Animal Health for Becky Somers
Center for Animal Health for Lisa Ariens
Center for An. Health for Sara Cook
Center for Animal Health for Shelli Patti
Center for An. Health for Renee Narus
Center for Animal Health for Ryan Kautzer
Center for An. Health for Kristin Selear
Center for An. Health for Josh Lindstedt
Center for An Health for Bruce Moorehead
Center for An Health Dr. (Zeske) for Lisa Butslaff
Center for An Health for Monica Scholl
Center for An Health for Carol Hudson
Center for An Health for Pat Mc Graff
Center for An Health for Angela Maney
Center for An Health for Lisa Growth
Center for An Health for Maureen Stern
Center for An Health for Lisa Jansen
Center for An Health for Joan Oleniczak
Center for An Health for Leah Nash
Center for An Health for John Kramer
Center for An Health for Arline Witherbee
Center for An Health for Elizabeth Sohnle "Blue"
Center for An Health for Elizabeth Sohnle "Olivia"
Center for An Health for Irma Reitl
Center for An Health for Casey Lopez
Center for Animal Health for Brenda Falk
Center for Animal Health for Jennifer Hall
Center for Animal Health for Casy Lopez
Center for Animal Health for Jinnie Bensyl
Center for Animal Health for Pam Karweik
Cewnter for Animal Health for Heidi Hofschulz
Center for Animal Health for Julie Miller
Center for Animal Health for Paula O'Brian
Center for Animal Health for Kathryn Burns
Central Bark for Chris Collentine
Mariah Charles for Michael Peterson
Mariah Charles for Self x2
Ann Cherone for John Nosbisch
Beth Chudrow for Self x2
City Animal Hospital for Richard Mahnke
Tiffany Cobb for Jamie Foltz
Sharon Cole for Todd Anstadt
Beth Collins for Gerri Mc Namera
Jaime Colon for Shiela Hopfensperger
Community Vet for Gordan Jakus
Comm. Vet for Carolyn Clements
Community Vet for Diane Opdycke
Comm Vet for Rebecca Dugan
Community Vet for Charles Semrad
Comm Vet for Jennifer Brown
Community Vet for Maria Limon
Community Vet forJazmine Jurkiewicz
Community Vet for Monica Maroney
Community Vet for Melissa Peterson
Community Vet for Lene Dotzler
Community Vet for Sarah Crowley
Community Vet for Laura Jones
Community Vet for Lisa Johnson
Community Vet for Tim Van Handel
Christine Taylor Cook for Chris Franz
Cudahy Vet for self "Jasper" and "Jessie"
Jennifer Cox for Donna Sutherland
John Craine for self "Teaco"
John Craine for Heather Schulz
Ed and Paula Crockett for Ted Posnanski
Lucy Cromfurst for Menerva Salas
Mike Crowell for 4 References
Cudahy Vet Clinic for Rich Corbett
Darcy Dahnal for Elizabeth Sohnle
Dominic Da Quisto for self "Fredo"
Tiffany DaQuisto for Scott Miswald
Julie Danielle for Curt Downes
Rick Dassan for Jill Economou
Frank Daugherty for Tiffany Daugherty
Ann Davies for self "Karma"
Sara Deal for Brian Kaebisch
Diamond Pet Suppy for Necia White
Ron Diechler for Christine Wierzachowski
Tim Divine for Richard Tercher
The Dog Spot for Alan Arber
Dog gone Lovely for Vicki Goodreau
Domonic Dacquista for self
Dog Gone Lovely for Grace Noel
Cheryl Douthit for self x2 "Bruister"
Heather Drake for self x 2 "Smokey"
Heather Drake for self x 2 "Akira"
Dave Drent for Leanne Brown
Katie Drusch for Michael Drusch
Chris Drwierzynski for Joanne Johnson
George Duarte for Jerry Morgan
Ducks Unlimited for Mike Burroughs
Meg Duffy for Celenia Losey
Christina Dusso for self x 2 "Ruger"
Jamie Dziezic for Pat Singleton
Glori Di Salvo for Kevin Manteufel
Carol Easman for Sonia Olmo
Brian Eastman for James Boudreau
Craig Ebbott for Adrian Robar (three dogs)
Debbie Ebrath for Chris Van Seth
Shannon Echert for Henny Postulart
Chris Elliott for self x2 "Abu"
Matthew Ellis for Jordan Beck
Elm Brook Vet for Gordana Robey
Elm Brook Vet for Jay Scharfenberg
Elm Brook Vet for Mary Joe Mueller
Elm Brook Vet forBrett Pfiefer
Elm Brook Vet for Hunaid Lookman
Elm Brook Vet for Mike Moser
Elm Brook Vet for Julie Hamilton
Elm Brook Vet for Nora Wanchar
Elm Brook Vet for Kristin Chose
Elm Brook Vet for Kurt Calhagen
Elm Brook Vet for Robin De Vilbin
Elm Brook Vet for Ellen Zipf
Elm Brook Vet for Jennifer Flanagan
Elm Brook Vet for Kathy Rogers
Elm Brook Vet for Peter Henry
Elm Brook Vet for Monica Berry
Elm Brook Vet for Tovah Werner
Elm Brook Vet for Kathy Pelto
Elm Brook Vet for Jeannie Votto
Elm Brook Vet for Penny Taylor
Elm Brook Vet for Rose Shanks
Elm Brook Vet for Cindy Strand
Elm Brook Vet for Tony Koslowski
Elm Brook Vet for Paul Bowers
Elm Brook Vet for Brett Pfieffer
Elm Brook Vet for self Dr. BOB MAROLD
Elm Brook Vet for Tiffany Da Quisto
Elm Brook Vet for Pat Oberton
Elm Brook Vet for Jan Tries
Elm Brook Vet for Jennifer Schweinert
Elm Brook Vet for Darlene Baumgart
Elm Brook Vet for Nicole Connelle
Elm Brook Vet for Gary Balinkoff "Cody"
Elm Brook Vet for Gary Balinkoff "Ella"

Jennifer Lien (Tischler) for Jason Luther
Jen Lien for John Miner
Jen Lien for Diane Grusczynski
Jen Lien for Self x2 "Stella"
Mike Limberger for Rich Vanderboom
Jan Livingston for Roberta Van Duyse
Jan Livingston for Self x2 "Summer"
Jan Livingston for Robert Archambeau
Jan Livingston for Bill Riche
Bill Lohr for Michelle Carman
Kathy Lohr for self "Riley"
Brea Lopez for Shirlee Bedard
Casey Lopez for Michelle Koranda
Casey Lopez for Angela Miller
Casey Lopez for Matt Cook
Jose Lopez for Pedro Alvarando
Paul Lopez for Iris Fonseca
Susan Lorentzen for self x1"Rowdy"
Sandy Lothes for Sara Walker
Kim Lougie for self x2 "Ben"
Kim Lougie for self x2 "Parker"
Tom Lueck for Kelly Langenecker
Cheryl Luedke for Lissa Bolle
Cheryl Luedke for Brandon Steinberger
Arnie Luendra for self "CoCo"
Elizabeth Luty for Edith Reimer
Ellie Lynch for Valeria Cerda
Lesley Lynch for self "Maxwell"
Jack Madderon for Paul Dutton
Jack Madderon for Lynda Ludwig
Jack Madderon for Greg Schmeling
Phil Magestro for self x 2 "Daisy"
Marine Land for Shaar Cotton
Marine Land forRobert Lambert
Laurie Martin for Marilyn Borzymowski
Tanya Mason (Goodman) for Melody Berlin
Scott Mattmiller for Jeff Christnovich
Scott Mattmiller for Self x 2 "Scooby
Scott Mattmiller for Brian Rampacez
Scott Mattmiller for Tom Jankiewicz 7-15-03
Scott Mattmiller for Contardi Attilio
Scott Mattmiller for Bruce Wisniewski
Joyce Mattmiller for Kelly Parsley
Scott Mattmiller for Cheryl Winnen
Scott Mattmiller for Joanna Jelen
Dennis Maurer for Kim Hecker
Marge Maydak for Tammy Gonzales
Rodney Mayhorn for Christine Lai
Matt Mc Burner for Gary Knowski
Jim Mc Caab for Steve Dehler
Erica Mc Cue for self
Claudia Mc Dermott for Sheri Masiakowski
Rose Meagher for Chuck Foti
Mequon Small Animal Clinic for Andy Weylen
Jhennifer Menting for self "Scarlett"
Jhennifer Menting for Ruth Miller
Jhennifer Menting for Brent Scott
Jhennifer Menting for Sonia Fellah
Patrice Michaels for Linda Dolan
Steve Michalowshi for Ron Baetje
Peg Mildren for Jason Koch
Lynn Miller for Alice Johnston
Maggie Miller for Cheryl Zywicki
Pam Miller for Todd Dahlgren
Pam Miller for Dag Rivedal
Ruth Miller for Mary Wojtalewicz
Milwaukee Animal Hospital for Daniel Wenszell
Milwaukee Animal Rescue for Jeff Podhajsky
John Minturn for Sam Gruichick
Dave Mocco for Shannon Moro
Melissa Mocco for Jessica Wojcieckowski
Chad Monte for Tammi Benedict
Heathor Montpas for Nancy Lindfors
Christine Moore for Kelly Schwartmiller
Katie Moore for Jason Caya
Michelle Moore for Mary Wendt
Jean Motzel (North Prairie Animal Hospital) for Elsie Lovas
Mark Muma for Dennis Virta
Sharon Murillo for self x2 "Tuts"
Christine Murphy for self "Daisy"
Christine Murphy for Bill Maltzahn
Mike Murphy for self x2 "Shannon"
Willie Murphy for Deb Wuehl
Muskego Animal Hospital for Sue Dotscheck
Muskego for Animal Hosp for Bruce Olszyk
Barb Nace for Self x2
The Natural Pet for Gloria Klopp
Stacy Naumczik for Bernie Olson
Sue Neidziejko for Brian Franzer
Tina Nelson for self "Blue"
New Berlin An Hosp. for Monica Gleesing
New Berlin An Hosp. for Ken Gonzalez
New Berlin An Host for Becky Goral
New Berlin Vet for Matt Risic
Sue Niedziejko for Brian Franzer
Karen Nimmerx2 for Self
Sara Noonan for Rebecca Hien
Sara Noonan for Caira Gaiten
Mike Noonan for Marla Freek
Joanne Nordstrum for self x2 "Kuma Chan"
Joanne Nordstrum for Stephanie Shaver
Roseanne Norwood for Roni Freeman
Roseanne Norwood for self x 2 "Marwan"
Roseanne Norwood for self x 2 "Lela"
Roseanne Norwood for Inga Kimpton
Norwood Animal Clinic for Kathy Shepherd
Norwood Animal Clinic for James Peterson
Norwood Animal Clinic for Erika Weber
Patricia Oberton for Penny Taylor
Patricia Pberton for Doug Dewire
Joan Oleniczik for Katie Makalich
Melissa Olivo for Erica Murillo
Greg Ott for Rachael Vanslett
Dena Ottaway for self x2 "Buddy"
Christina Owens for Pilar Speranza
Pahle Vet Clinic for Nicole Michalak
Fay Palkowski for Betty Palkowski
Tammy Palmer for John Provst
Zerda Palmer for self "King"
Tanya Pankow for Gregg Schwister
David Paprocki for Rich Holcombe
Patti Parker for Rodney Mayhorn
David Paschke for self x 2 "Bert"
Alison Paske for Diane Roelke
Allison Paske for Zoe Wolf
Parkland Plaza Vet for Margie Bukiewicz
Parkland Plaza Vet for Ben Cardenas
Parkland Plaza Vet for Dale Schaper
Pauli Vet Clinic for Shawn Bonek
Pennywise Pet Supplies for Regena Evans
Kandy Perez for Susan Johnson
Sue Perham for Stacy Ovadall
Pet Supplies Plus for Jeanne Stapleton
Pet Supplies Plus for Janet Mohrhusen
Pet Supplies Plus for Vickie Harris
Pets N Things (Nicole) for Amber Beckwith
Pet's N Things for Diane Hoffman
Pet's N Things for Charlene Peltier
Pet's 'N' Things for Sue Krivitz
Pets N Things for Angie Hart
Pet World for Mary Ann Neske
Pewaukee Chamber of Commerce for Jean Russell
Pewaukee Chamber of Commerce for Rebecca Scarbury
Pewaukee Community Fair for Mary Beth Adams
Pewaukee PTO for Brandon Yost
Gary Plotkin for Self x2
Karen Podell for Patti Kratt
Jeff Podhajsky for Sheri Levin
Jeff Podhajski for Joe Lazarsky
Adam Podinkowski for Ben Schultz
David Poker for self x2 "Sadie"
Paul Polaski for Rick Dassow
Henny Postulart for self x2 "Diva"
Sharon Pretaski for Deb Benson
Prentski for Darek Dolecki
Pretty Pooches for Ana Zeintek
Rhonda Printz for self x2 "Rosie"
Mike Pyter for Kathy Steinmez "Zoe"
Mike Pyter for Kathy Steinmez "Peyton"
Vikki Pum and Joe Myers for Herman Perez
Vikki Pum and Joe Myers for Bev Russell
Kathy Radtke for Patricia Holland
Keith Radtke for Matt Pfieffer
Greg Ragsdale for Holly Hansen
Greg Ragsdale for Susan Oullette
Karl Ramirez for Chris Martin
Karl Ramirez for Katy Daley
Liz Ramirez for John Kramer
Cindy Rampichek for Colleen Carmichael
Denise Rassmussen for Jeff Motowick
Dan Rather for Molly Wegeske
Adam Rausmann for Chris Clauser.
Roger Raybine for Laural Llanas
Donna Reed for Debbie Berget
Kim Reicher for Jennifer Wesolowski
Tina Reiley for self "Maci"
Pam Remmel for Libbie Remel
Alice and Chuck Reuben for Jill and Brian Reuben
Mike and Breehan Ribella for Charles Schster
Bill Riche for Andy Riche
Andy Richie for Amy Falk
Carol Richie for Michelle Pagan
Trish Riche for Julie Hanraken
Tanya Riedmeire for Laurie Jacob
Chris Ritter for Dennis Mefzer
Dag Rivedal for Frances Quintanilla
Gordana Robey for Monika Kmetz
Gordana Robey for self x2 "Sam"
Gordana Robey for Linda Kane
Jim Robokowski for Reference
Lisa Roffers for self x 2 " Victor"
Lisa Roffer for self x2 UPGRADE "Victor"
Lisa Roffer for Sarah Velk
Kathy Rohr for Cody Trinko
Katie Rosa for Ann Ciardo
Sara Roll & Sandy Winard for Self x2
Sandy Winard for Sarah Hartwig
Lora Ruedt for self "Bella"
John Rupznik for Ron Linzmeyer
Mike Rutley for Richard Rutley
Gayle Ryan for Paul Ruiz
Lori Rydlewicz for Mike Ahern
Amy Ryndners for Jennie Mogensen
Ed and Marybeth Sach for James Klein
St Francis An Hosp for Chuck Luettger
St Francis An Hosp for Kim Gawel
St Francis An Hosp for John Kettula
St. Francis An Hosp for Nate Rowland
St. Paul Vet Clinic for Chinda Boungny
St Paul Vet Clinic for Chris Carini
St. Paul Vet Clinic for Nancy Hernandez
St. Paul Vet Clinic for Pam Remmel
St. Paul Vet Clinic for JoAnn Hornak
St. Paul Vet Clinic for Carol Jophlin
Sakorski for Kelly Heil
Jay Sakwinski for Tim Sakwinski
Jay Sakwinski for self "Harley"
Tim Sakwinski for John Sifuentes
Tammy Savic for Pam Weyer
Ken Sax for self x2 "Chester"
Robert Schambeau for Abraham Bremer
Leann Scheder for Barbara Prentki
Kelly Schelach for Troy Hey
Ladonne Scherer for Steve and Michelle Scherer
Joanne Schmidt for Virginia Krubsack
Michelle Schmus for Mary Kay Spiddle
Mark Schoenecki for self x 2 "Sota"
Justin Schraemer for Darcy Smith
Amy Schram for Esther Dukacek
Adam Schwartzmier for Keith Baylor
Kelly Schwartmiller for self "Sophie"
Brenda Sculupious for Angela Holbach
Kevin Sczesny for Shanon Lieniewski
Kevin Sczesny for Mary Kochanski
Steve and Michelle Scherer for Travis Mocco
Matt Schlei for Chris Witkowski
Allen Schlief for Brian Fredericks
JoAnn Schmidt for Virginia Krubsack
Stephanie Schimt for Ryan Kimball
Chris Schmus for Jim Schmus "Lucy"
Chris Schmus for Jim Schmus "Luckee"
Michelle Schmus for Self x2
Michelle Schmus for Colleen Marchant
Michelle Schmus for self x2 "Sulley"
Justin Schraemer for Darry Smith
Amy Schramm for Kathy Feilen
Amy Schramm for Jennifer Albrecht
Amy Schram for Shelley Botchek
Vicky Schroeder for Shannon Rubenzer
Brian Schultz for self x2 "Cloey"
Brian Schultz for self x2 "Joey"
Nick Seavers for Rick Seavers
Rick Seavers for Self x 2
Kristin Selear for Stephanie Hansen
Chris Seldorn for Bob Quinn
Becky Semanski for Heather Frommell
Chris Serdynski for Susan Laudon
Stepanie Shaver for Maryann Heitle
Becky Sheanne for Amy Schram "Sam"
Becky Sheanne for Amy Schram "Molly"
Angela Shell for Scott Domenosky
Matt Shout for Jennifer Rodriguez
Jennifer Shutta for Self x2 "Bailey"
Jennifer Shuta for Self x2 "Dayne"
Dave Sluss for Eric Kinnard
Small Animal Hospital for Andrew Prater
Jan Smith for Lora Vander Schaaf
Murry Smith for Mollie Neely
Snipz N Tailz for Elizabeth Castillo
Rob Sontag for Reference
South Milwaukee Animal Hospital for Mitch Mayzik
John Sparacino for Don Adamec
John Sparacino for Liz Stanic
John Sparacino for Carrie Jacobson
Tony Spath for Rich Taylor