Dog's Best Friend offers a variety of different Dog Training Programs.  These programs are divided up into five (5) different categories: Sample, Group, Private, Combination, and Specialty Training.

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Sample Training allows the owner and dog to expose themselves to the atmosphere, techniques,  and success that Dog's Best Friend affords without any significant commitment of time or investment in money.  We absolutely love how we do things and what we have to offer you and we are ​most certain that you will too. 

(It is important to note that Sample Training is not a substitute for one of our dog training courses and is not designed for that use).  

$135 = Two 25 minute private Lessons


Platinum Speed = $525
Five (5) Private Lessons followed by five (5) Group Lessons.  This course was specifically designed for the dedicated and enthusiastic customer that wants to greatly expedite the process and results of getting their dog trained.  The average customer will complete this course in less than two (2) months by dedicating two (2) days a week for scheduled lessons.

Platinum Plus = $595
Five (5) Private Lessons followed by ten (10) Group Lessons.  This course is the longer more relaxed paced version of the Platinum Speed.  This course takes approximately four (4) months with the average customers only attending one (1) scheduled class per week. 

Behavioral / Aggressive = $595
Seven (7) Private Lessons. This course is specifically designed to work on the very specific and customized needs of the client in combination with greater control and more thorough communication between human and dog. 


Here at Dog's Best Friend, we understand that many customers do not have the time or the patience to train their own dog.  Although all training does require a certain degree of customer interaction and follows through, our Drop-Off Courses are designed to greatly minimize the amount of customer on site and at home workloads.  Literally, these courses are designed for our qualified and experienced trainers to do all the "heavy lifting" and foundational work.  In these courses, the customer drops their dog off for a double-long lesson while they can go out to eat or run errands.  They then come back for the last 20 minutes of the 1-hour 40-minute lesson to be versed and taught what minimal maintenance they will need to do before their next visit. The final visit will always be a normal 50-minute private lesson that fully involves the owner to answer any final questions or troubleshoot any concerns that the client might wish to have addressed.  These courses are new to our 2018 programs and have had immediate success and popularity.

Three Week Quickie = $425 ​​
Two double long Private Lessons and one normal Private Lesson (if the customer wishes to purchase additional Private Lessons in the future the cost would be $140 for a double and $75 for a single).  ON

Four Week Extra Umpf = $525

Three double long Private Lessons and one normal Private Lesson (if the customer wishes to purchase additional Private Lessons in the future the cost would be $110 for a double and $60 for a single).  ON

NOTE: It is imperative that the customer arrives for pick-up ON TIME.  Failure to pick the dog up on time will result in an unforgiving $25 per every 15 minutes late fee (rounded up)


​Group Training places the owner and dog in a small group of five (5) to eight (8) dogs.  These lessons can be bought singly or in packages of four (4), seven (7), or twelve (12) lessons.  (All group training requires a prerequisite of private training or testing to prove that the dog is ready and qualifies to be in a group as a productive member).

$35 = Single Lesson  

$135 = Package of Four (4) Lessons  

$225 = Package of Seven (7) Lessons  

$350 = Package of Twelve (12) Lessons


Private Training focuses on specializing all of its attention and efforts on to the needs of a single dog and his or her owners.  These lessons can be bought singly or in packages of five (5), ten (10),or twenty-five (25).  We pride ourselves in the ability to gain you the results and success in just a few lessons that other facilities cannot accomplish within years.  We do not waste your time or your money.

$125 = Single Lesson 

$295 =
Package of three (3) Lessons

$475 =
Package of five (5) Lessons  

$855 =
Package of ten (10) Lessons 

$1825 =
Package of twenty-five (25) Lessons  


Combination Training joins together the best of both Private and Group Training. These lessons can be bought in five (5) distinct packages: Platinum Speed, Platinum Plus, Behavioral / Aggressive, Premier, or Elite.

Platinum Speed = $525
Five (5) Private Lessons followed by five(5) Group Lessons.

Platinum Plus = $595
Five (5) Private Lessons followed by ten (10) Group Lessons.

Behavioral / Aggressive Dog Specialty Course = $595 or $655
Seven (7) Private Lessons
Seven (7) Private Lessons followed by four (4) Group Lessons.

Premier = $1525
Fifteen (15) Private Lessons followed by ten (10) Group Lessons

The Elite = $1795
Twenty-Four (24) Drop-Off Private Hours followed by five (5) Private Lessons and five (5) Group Lessons.


Specialty Training is broadly defined as non-obedience focused training.  All of these courses are customized to the specific needs and desires of the owners and their dogs and therefore the prices vary.

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